10 Things a Lead Management System Can Do For You

Automate, Organize and Improve Your Sales Process

Responding to leads faster

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This 38 page guide will explain everything you need to know about using a lead management system to automate, organize and track your sales process.

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Jordan Muela, CEO of LeadSimple

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CRM vs LMS - What's the difference?

Passively tracking sales activities

Setting up a simple sales dashboard

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Jordan Muela is LeadSimple's CEO and resident sales expert. He's been helping property managers generate owner leads since 2008 and lives and breathes lead generation and conversion. He's living proof that it's possible to be both adhd AND deeply passionate about utilizing the right systems to make critical business processes run like clock work.

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Learn why CRMs are great for managing customers but terrible for managing leads.

Speed matters. Find out how you can automate the process of distributing and calling new leads.

Forget about going back to log calls and emails. Find out how to track everything automatically.

Focus on the few metrics that actually matter. See which sales activities are worth monitoring on a daily and weekly basis.